Michelin Tires in Oakville, Burlington, Milton & Mississauga

We Proudly Carry Michelin Tires at Our Automotive Shop

Suntire Canada is a trusted source for your tire needs, automotive repairs and mechanical services.

Our tire shop located at the corner of Trafalgar Road and Upper Middle Road in Oakville, carries a wide range of Michelin tires. Combining high performance with outstanding traction and handling, Michelin brings you the best in quality for your vehicle.

Michelin is one of the most renowned tire brands in North America with numerous tire selections for winter and dry performance. With some of the best product lines in the market, they continue to pave the way for superior quality and high traction models. For all your Michelin product needs in Oakville, Suntire Canada is your dedicated source.

Summer Tires, Winter Tires and All-Season Tires from Michelin

When buying Michelin brands, our team will also ensure that you’ll have unprecedented cornering traction and handling, winter after winter. Compared to many of the leading competitors in the market, the X-Ice and Pilot Alpin selections can stop in a distance ten percent shorter, which incredibly important for winter driving.

Suntire Canada also provides wheel alignment service which ensures a much smoother ride, safety and helps increase gas mileage. Without proper alignment, the treads can also wear unevenly causing you even more expense in getting them replaced.

Contact Suntire Canada today at (905) 338-0011 to schedule your Michelin tire installation at our tire shop.